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We are happy to present the second issue of LoGeek Magazine, a part of the Luxoft Technology Series (LTS). LTS supports one of our most popular events – LoGeek Night – in print and on the web. This magazine will cover the latest trends and technologies in the IT world, as well as different types of coding that are relevant for a wide range of IT specialists. We hope that LoGeek Magazine will offer our readers not only infotainment, but practical value as well.

In this issue our experts tackle a few topics that are the talk of the town in the IT world, such as generating applications with JHipster, integrating the smart application world with automotive technology, and reactive applications in Java with Akka. For the cover story, our colleague from Excelian takes a look at how the recent beta phase arrival of Apache Kafka K-Streams is making waves and what the ripple effects might be.

For lighter reading, we’ve also included an entertaining piece on how to convince the boss to let you work remotely.

Be sure to check out a few videos about Life@Luxoft, as well as our upcoming events – and don’t forget to have some fun with the crossword puzzle!

Sit back and turn the (virtual) page: our journey begins.


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